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What we do

We invigorate your organisation, challenge it, and redefine what success looks like. Meaningful and insightful data aid critical decision making. Forward-thinking strategic approaches accelerate positive change, and unlock solutions, transforming the relationships between processes, sustainability, and technology to achieve greater business and societal value.

Why choose us

We energise, challenge, and transform

Reducing waste and achieving sustainability, whilst improving performance, is an ever-growing pressure for organisations. Our team understand this, and with their philosophy ‘Just Do It, Nothing is impossible’ bring a strategic business-minded, and creative approach to assessing and solving this problem from day one. Giving you confidence to make informed decisions, backed by innovative and transformative ways to improve operations successfully.

We put you at the heart of what we do

To help you succeed every step of the way we build trust, share the risks, and put you first to achieve results. We believe that we can help, so, together we walk the journey with a clear vision and mutual goal in mind, delivering valuable and measurable outcomes for all. A successful and effective partnership is the foundation for everything that we do based on mutual respect, communication, confidentiality, and professionalism.

We drive change for your success

Working with us, we will identify new business models which meet not only your sustainability goals but have measurable returns on investment underpinned by new and forward-thinking revenue streams. Utilising valuable data, you will have confidence that what you deliver to customers is of the utmost quality and value, and with robust future technology, the next generation in waste reduction ecosystems.

What our clients say

“The TRIGNOMIX team have helped us understand how we restructure our business model to reduce waste by educating our residential and business customers through gaming techniques, increasing revenue streams by recycling plastics, glass and residual waste for biofuel, using earth observation satellite data to monitor harmful waste dump gas emissions and ocean waste flow from the mainland to our island. All of which present insight for policy and action to be enforced by the government.” Managing Director, Waste Management NGO, Indonesia.

“The TRIGNOMIX team have brought order to  the chaos within our business, equipping us with the tools to streamline our logistics and customer services sustainable processes and help transform us from a £50 million to £100 million turnover business by 2025.” CEO, Window Manufacturer, UK.

“We trust TRIGNOMIX, like family. During our transformational journey, they have helped us adopt a design thinking approach and have always been close at hand to make sure we progress. We have seen miscollections improve by 60%, and are now able to track waste journeys measuring the transportation carbon footprint, have enhanced visibility of unclaimed customer revenue of up to £0.25 million, and identified new revenue streams in how we sell our services that have increased our turnover by 50%.” CEO, Waste Management Broker, UK.

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